Tuesday Women’s Study

The CtK Tuesday Women’s Bible Study has met since 1996 and welcomes all interested women. They need not be affiliated with CtK.

The group meets for an hour at 10 AM weekly from the second week in September through late May. During the summer the group typically meets once each month. See the current monthly Messenger or Weekend Messenger for details. Wendy Gibbons leads the group in sessions which include Bible study, prayer, fellowship, sharing, and occasional food.

During the school year the group studies the monthly Bible study found in Gather magazine, a publication of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Women of all ages are welcome!

The Bible study topic for its monthly summer gatherings through August 2019 is Lessons from Esther by Bishop Kay Ward, a study of the biblical story of Esther from the Gather magazine. The topic for July 16th will be “Helping Our Voices Bloom,” and for August will be “Using Our Voices.”

May 2018 Year-End Lunch

All women are welcome to attend. Materials are provided.