Where are we headed?? Are we there yet??

Great questions!!
we’ve left the land of Egypt (the way things used to be),
we’re journeying through the wilderness (the in-between),
on our way to the Promised Land (the new life we are creating together
that Spirit is calling and leading us to)!
Are we there yet??
YES . . . and NO
No, we have not arrived at our final destination. We are always on the Way!
And Yes, we have arrived . . . in this moment . . .
and this moment . . .
and this moment . . .
Showing up and doing the work –
Breathing in & out Love
Responding to every moment with the greatest Love we can!

Part of this work has been to develop an Interim Ministry Covenant that spells out the expectations of transitional/interim pastor & congregation during this in-between time.
And part of this covenant includes focus points – not the only things we will work on together, but the beginning points of focus for our work together!
(Once the final draft of the covenant is reviewed and signed by the bishop after being approved by the synod council, and is signed by CtK Council President after being approved by CtK Council, and is signed by the transitional/interim pastor, we will share that document with you!)

In the meantime, below are the 5 focus points we have discerned together:
Come to terms with CtK’s history – acknowledge, celebrate, grieve, let go, and HEAL.
Review & update CtK’s mission & vision.
Have FUN together!
Develop a ministry site profile (MSP) through a pre-call committee, and call the next settled pastor through a call committee.

In light of these focus points, there are a few announcements / opportunities I’m excited to share with you!!!
The church building is OPEN!
Continuing to follow CDC guidelines, there are no longer any mandatory restrictions for gathering in a church setting. For those un-vaccinated, masks and physical distancing are still recommended, but not required. For those who are vaccinated, masks and physical distancing are at your discretion, whatever is most comfortable for you.
And as a Community of Love, we will all honor each and every individual’s choices!
(Building use guidelines will return to pre-COVID guidelines, effective immediately.)

Indoor Worship
To mark the end of COVID restrictions, and to celebrate the re-opening of the church building, we will gather in the sanctuary for worship on Sunday, July 11 at 9:00am!!!
We plan to livestream as we have been, and to transmit via the radio for those who wish to listen from the parking lot! (Communion will be brought outside to you.)
With the number of people and energy considerations, we will continue to celebrate one worship service on Sunday mornings, at 9:00 through the summer, outdoors in the parking lot, live-streamed and radio, with regular intervals of indoor worship, perhaps monthly, to be determined!

CARE Team has formed!
A group of CtK Beloveds, along with the pastor, are working together to coordinate and share the responsibility of visiting and caring for those wanting and needing such care, including celebrating communion with those who wish.
If you are interested in being part of this team, and/or you know of someone in need of visitation and care, please let myself and/or the church office know!
And, on July 11, during Worship in the Sanctuary, communion kits and persons of the CARE Team will be consecrated and blessed!

Friday Firepit FUN
You may have noticed that Focus Point #4 above is all about enjoying one another’s company!
So, on Friday, July 23, beginning at 6:00pm, we will gather ‘round the firepit for some Friday night FUN! Bring a chair, your favorite hot dogs or marshmallows or other such snacks to enjoy, any lawn games or outdoor activities you enjoy, and your favorite beverages (kid-friendly & adult beverages permitted)!
(We’re hoping this will be the beginning of many regular FUN gatherings together!)

Looking forward to the many opportunities unfolding to show up and do the work, breathing in and out Love, responding to all that arises with the greatest Love we can!
And just a friendly reminder, while I am physically present in the church building on certain days/times, I continue to work from home on the days I’m not in the building, and continue to be available any time via phone, text, and email! I am always happy to visit with you!!

Let’s keep up the good work together, and let’s have some FUN together!!

Love, Love, Love to you all! – PJ

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