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Practicing in the In-Between

Ok, so here we are . . . the Wilderness . . . the In-Between.

The newness is wearing off, the energy dissipating. The dust is settling from all the initial excitement. ‘What was’ is farther in the rear-view mirror, and ‘what is to come’ has not yet come into focus on the horizon ahead.

Common reactions/responses to all this include:
Can’t we just go back to how things used to be already??
Pleading, longing, bargaining, desiring to return to ‘normal’
Are we there yet??
Reaching forward and longing to hurry up and get to the Promised Land already
Whose bright idea was this anyway??
Moaning and complaining, looking for someone or something to blame

Common emotions experienced in this In-Between include:
Anxiety, fear, grief, loss, sadness, confusion, anger, impatience, discomfort, despair,
hopelessness, aloneness, resistance

Whatever it is you are feeling and experiencing (whether listed above, and/or something else) is okay and is welcome in this In-Between. It is not good or bad or right or wrong. It simply is.

This is the Great Work of the In-Between! Coming face to face with ‘what is’!
No more hiding, no more running away, no more distracting ourselves, no more complaining or blaming or any other defense mechanism the brilliance of our ego minds has devised to protect us from facing the reality of ‘what is’!

This is The Way of Jesus! Practicing Presence.
Entering into each moment as fully and lovingly as we can!
This is where the healing, life-giving & -sustaining Spirit of God moves and breathes and lives, in the present moment!
Right here, right now. Within you. Within the natural world. Within All That Is.
Eternity. The Kingdom of Heaven. Available to you, and to all, in this moment.
In every moment.

Shall we dare enter in???

To begin, it is often helpful to take several deep breaths- in through your nose, deep belly breaths in and out from your core. Tuning in to the Spirit of God in this moment.
Breathe in Love. Breathe out Love. Breathe in Love. Breathe out Love.

Next, practice noticing whatever arises for you.
Don’t hold on to, or try to chase away, any thoughts, feelings, or bodily sensations you notice.
Everything is welcome in this moment.
Simply watch and notice what is. No judgment. Accepting whatever you experience.
No judging as good or bad, right or wrong. All That Is simply is.

As you welcome whatever is present for you, continuing to breathe in and out Love, when it feels right you can practice gratitude for All That Is.
Noticing, without judgment, whatever is present for you,
Breathe in Love. Breathe out Gratitude. Breathe in Love. Breathe out Gratitude.

From here you can move into the practice of forgiveness.
Forgiving yourself. Forgiving others. Whoever & whatever is asking for forgiveness.
Breathe in Love. Breathe out Forgiveness. Breathe in Love. Breathe out Forgiveness.

The final step in this process is release. As you breathe out, practice letting go of whatever is present for you, releasing down through your body and legs, through your feet, and into the earth.
Breathe in Love. Breathing out, let go. Breathe in Love. Breathing out, release to the earth.

This may seem overly simple, and/or it may seem overly complicated. It may seem to make perfect sense, and/or it may seem silly and pointless and foreign. That’s okay.

This is an invitation for you to enter into a very powerful form of Prayer! Tuning in to God’s Loving Presence within you and All That Is, in the present moment!
Practicing accessing the Kingdom of Heaven right here, right now!

Don’t worry about ‘doing it right.’ Or achieving any particular result. Over time, tuning in to and opening your heart and awareness to God’s Loving Presence, that Love will do it’s healing, transforming work on your body, mind, and spirit!

Your work is simply to show up, again and again and again, practicing in this moment, then the next moment, then the next.

Breathe in Love. Breathe out Love. Breathe in Love. Breathe out Love.
Breathing in Love, notice what is. Breathing out Love, accept what is.
Breathing in Love, welcome what is. Breathing out Love, give thanks for what is.
Breathe in Love. Breathe out forgiveness. Breathe in Love. Breathe out forgiveness.
Breathe in Love. Breathing out, let go. Breathe in Love. Breathing out, release.

Grateful to be In-Between with you all! Sending you all much Love! – PJ

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