What IF . . . ?

. . . EVERYTHING is a Gift,


             We practice Receiving,

                                                                 Giving Thanks,

                                                                                                        and Generously Sharing

Our multitude of gifts??


What might be possible in and through the dear, gifted ones of CtK?? In and through YOU??


Continuing the story from last month’s newsletter, the woman (let’s call her Marie) went through radiation and chemo, then a stem cell transplant, and was in remission for a time before the cancer returned. More chemo followed, but the cancer was resistant, and after a year and a half, Marie died.

Before she transitioned from this life, Marie asked her husband (let’s call him Dean) to make a few promises. One was to be open to future relationships. Dean sort of brushed this request aside, determined to be the ‘hero’ husband. He had decided that he was going to take his ‘until death do us part’ vows to a whole new level and remain married to Marie forever! ‘What better way to honor Marie and the life and love we shared!?’, he thought.

This went on for several months after Marie’s death, until one day Dean’s wedding band just fell right off his finger! He couldn’t believe what was happening! His wedding band, which previously had been snugly wrapped around his finger, literally wouldn’t stay on his finger any more. It slid right off! You better believe that he tried to put it right back on! And each time, it slid right off!

Well, after repeating this cycle of falling off and putting on and falling off again, Dean began to sense that something significant was happening. When he stopped trying to put the ring back on his finger, and instead took some deep in-breaths and out-breaths, settling into the moment and listening to his heart, he immediately knew what was happening. It was as if he had been blind one moment, and in the next moment he could see clearly!

What Dean thought was honoring Marie, by holding onto the life and love they had shared, was actually doing the opposite. In that moment it became obvious to Dean: ‘The best way to honor the life and love I shared with Marie is by sharing it with the world! By letting go of what was! By flinging wide the doors of my heart! By opening to new relationships full of life and love!’

It was one of those ‘Aha!’ sorts of moments. All at once Dean understood what Marie had been so lovingly and persistently trying to communicate to him before she died.

And he never tried to put the wedding band back on his finger. He didn’t need to. The love he had shared with Marie had exploded into a Love that was so much bigger and fuller and truer, deeper and inclusive and expansive, than anything he had experienced before! Into a Love that was untameable, uncontrollable, and unlimited!

Many more months passed, as Dean practiced navigating this new experience of Love. It was like learning to walk, or swim, or ride a bike all over again! Everything was different, and yet everything was the same, and yet everything was different!


And then it happened . . .

the next explosion of Love!


One that would forever and drastically change the trajectory of Dean’s life here on earth and beyond!


There was nothing noticeably significant about the lunch Dean was sharing with Jean. After all, they had been friends for some time and had shared many such lunches together. The conversation was typical and unremarkable, catching up on life’s happenings since the last lunch they shared.

And then it happened! Out of the blue! Like sitting outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine one moment, and the next a bolt of lightning strikes, followed by a fierce tornado. Out of nowhere. No warning. No indication it was coming.


Dean’s heart was struck with a bolt of Love that set his whole body to vibrating and reverberating with intense energy!

In that moment, Dean no longer looked upon Jean with his eyes, but gazed upon her with the eyes of his heart!

In a flash, everything changed!

Dean recognized Jean, saw every part of her, inside and out, every cell, past, present and future! And he knew in that moment, a knowing so deep and strong and clear, that he had known Jean since forever, that he and Jean were life partners, joined together in Love and sent to this earth to embody Love, each in themselves and together, and to generously share this Gift of Love with the earth and every living being in the plant, animal, and human realms!

And they lived happily ever after!

Well . . .

. . . not exactly.

Next came the fierce tornado.

You see, Jean had not yet finalized her divorce, and Dean wasn’t quite fully ready to move on from the life and love he had shared with Marie. It was one of those ‘Oh crap!’ sorts of moments. ‘What in the world am I supposed to do with this?!,’ spun Dean’s mind and heart.

So Dean took it to the one being he had learned to trust more than any other, Marie, his deceased former spouse. (Because Dean had come to know and experience, in this new, expansive Love, that Marie was very much still living, albeit in a different form.)

Marie’s response came swift, and clear, and persistent, repeating over and over and over and over again, the five simple words:


Receive the Gift of Jean . . .


Receive the Gift of Jean . . .


Receive the Gift of Jean . . .

And so he did.


¨ What Gift(s) of Love is your heart asking you to receive??

¨ What are some of the challenges/obstacles holding you back from opening your heart??

¨ What Gift(s) of Love is your heart inviting you to share generously with the world??

¨ What are some of the challenges/obstacles holding you back from letting go??



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