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The ‘New’ CtK is Being Created!!
‘So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation: everything old has passed away; see, everything has become new!’ – 1 Corinthians 5:17

These are the words written to the church in Corinth nearly 2,000 years ago, as they were in the midst of transition too! And they are a message of Love to the church in Twinsburg today!

What a beautiful, inspiring, and encouraging message! If any one of you is in Christ- if you are connected to the One Source of All That Is, to Love/God- you will have available to you all the energy required to work through all that you are carrying with you in this life; to let go, heal, and be set free; and to contribute to the new creation!

The old has passed away, and there is a new creation! And no matter how much you like or dislike this reality, it is happening! It can’t not happen! This is how God’s Loving Presence in all things works! Within us and all around us life is constantly changing; things are constantly becoming new! This doesn’t mean the ‘old’ is bad. What once was, served a useful purpose…then. Now, it serves to keep us from living fully into the new creation!
So, we celebrate and give thanks for the ‘old’ and the ways it served us and the world in a time passed, and we open our hearts and minds to step into the new creation that is before us now!

Three specific ways this is happening to share with you!

Worship Experience
Beginning in February (Sunday the 6th) there will be One Worship Experience on Sunday mornings, at 10:00am, INSIDE!!

Because there are significant advantages to gathering both inside and outside, we will do both, continuing with One Worship Experience on Sunday mornings at 10:00am, indefinitely, following the schedule below:
Inside: All Saints Day – Easter
Outside: Sunday after Easter – Reformation Day

NEW Mid-Week Experience
Beginning Wednesday, February 9, there will be an opportunity, every Wednesday indefinitely, to gather and experience the following:
6:00 Worship Experience
(20ish minutes in the sanctuary!)
6:30 Meal
(Bring your own meal, sit and visit in the Fellowship Hall for as long as you like!)
7:00-8:00 Study Group
(On February 9, those who are interested, will gather and select together the next topic for study!)
Also, beginning at 7:00, other meetings could happen, or music rehearsals, or youth gatherings, or any number of things, only limited by your imaginations!

Beginning January 30, through the rest of winter and Spring, up through the beginning of June and Confirmation Sunday, several young people will gather regularly under the theme ‘Who Am I?’ If you’re interested in supporting and/or being part of this ministry, please let PJ know!

This is just the beginning! The possibilities are virtually limitless!

YOU- each one of you individually, and you all collectively- are creating this ‘New’ Ctk!
Yes, you may want or not want to be part of this to varying degrees, and you may or may not have consciously chosen this to varying degrees, yet here you are!
YOU- each one of you- is part of this new creation!

And each one of you has significant gifts to offer this new creation! No gift is more or less important than another! And every gift you have to offer, no matter how insignificant it may seem, is vital to the ongoing creation of the ‘New’ CtK!

There is one caveat I must address.
Offering our gifts, working through all the ‘stuff’ we carry with us, and new creation- all of this requires a significant amount of ENERGY.
We don’t possess enough energy within us for this work! We run out, feel tired and depleted, and we start competing with one another for energy. This is the ‘old’ way.
And you guessed it! There is a new way!
We each have access to unlimited Energy! We call this God! Or Love! Or God’s Loving Presence in All Things! Or Spirit! Or Ruach (ancient Hebrew breath of Life)!
Breathing in and out Love is a beginning point!
The more we practice being in tune with, and opening to, this Energy (God’s Loving Presence in All Things), the more energy we have available for the work of new creation, for more fully embodying Love and creating and living Heaven on Earth, here and now!

And where two or more are gathered in this way…
The parts don’t simply add up to one sum total, but the energy flowing through each of us is amplified, as we join together, breathing in and out Love!
The result? The total collective energy is exponentially amplified, and all things become possible! And we begin to fulfill Jesus’ prophecy that we will do greater things than he!

Let’s imagine and dream and create a beautiful ‘New’ CtK together!

What gifts do you have to offer?
What ‘stuff’ do you carry with you that’s asking to be worked through, healed, and let go of?
How is your heart calling you to be part of the new creation?

Come and be.
Come and be energized by the amplifying Love Energy, every Sunday, every Wednesday!

You are welcome! You are wanted! You are valued!
You are Fully Seen, and you are Fully Loved!

Love, Love, Love 2 U All! – PJ


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